Equitable Workplaces,

Inclusive Society

April 5, 2024
09:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Discover the Evolution at India Diversity Conclave 2024
In just two years, the India Diversity Forum has emerged as a beacon for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in corporate India. The journey that began in 2021 as a year of learning and ideation has grown into a powerful force shaping the boardroom agenda across the nation. Now, as we gear up for the 4th Edition of India Diversity Conclave, let's reflect on the milestones achieved and the exciting prospects ahead.
Reflecting on India Diversity Conclave 2024 A resounding Success
India Diversity Conclave 2022 marked a turning point with 350+ member companies, 200+ attendees, 35+ speakers, 16 Partners, 12 Diversity Champions, and over 1000 Virtual Delegates. The Conclave became a hub for ideation, collaboration and impactful discussion on the significance of diversity in the workplace,
What to Expect at India Diversity Conclave 2024 Unveiling “Equitable Workplaces,Inclusive Society”
This year, our focus sharpens on "Equitable Workplaces, Inclusive Society," exploring cultural differences and fostering an inclusive culture at workplaces. Get ready for an extraordinary lineup featuring keynote sessions, panel discussions, fireside chats, workshops, spotlight sessions, survey launches, and research paper unveilings.
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Key Highlights

Unlock Opportunities at India Diversity Conclave 2024: What Awaits You?

Client Relationship Strengthening:

Reconnect and interact with clients in the dynamic environment of India Diversity Conclave 2023.

Brand Visibility Amplification:

Maximize brand visibility through strategic placements, ensuring your brand stands out in the diverse landscape

Networking and Collaboration:

Explore collaborations, meet potential customers, and create meaningful connections leading to valuable business partnerships

Thought Leadership Recognition

Associate your brand with an event at the forefront of driving DE&I initiatives, establishing your brand as a Thought Leader.

Stay tuned for the agenda and speaker list, to be shared with you early next week as we continue this exciting journey towards a more inclusive and diverse future!

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